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Sue with Karakuls

Willowbank Farm is a Breeding Centre that is located away from Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, which was founded by the Managing Director, Michael Willis, and opened to the public in 1974. Apart from being a lifestyle for Michael and his partner Sue, the Farm provides facilities away from the Park for the establishment of breeding programmes in a more private and relaxed environment, and is an expression of their interests, especially in conservation.

Michael and Sue at Willowbank

An interest in rare breeds has been the basis of many of the programmes here. Every year plant and animal genetics in New Zealand are being lost, and the biodiversity of these breeds is becoming increasingly important.

Black Cockatoo The farm is also home to some wildlife species, and in particular the Black Cockatoo Project. Having bred and reared numerous species of cockatoos and parrots, it is now purely focussed on maintaining a breeding facility for these delightful and highly threatened birds.

Michael and Sue's lifestyle reflect their interests. Their house is largely built from a combination of recycled materials and timber beams, cut with a chainsaw from trees on the property. Since the early 1990s they have run their property solely on solar, wind, and water energy, with Sue's vegetable garden and the farm livestock providing most of their food requirements.

While the lifestyle may be a simple choice, the farm is run very much as a specialist productive unit. The development and preservation of the breeds in New Zealand is considered very important. In several cases the genetics held are sought after word wide, and because of New Zealand's strict Bio-security, they are able to be exported to a range of other countries throughout the world. No expense has been spared in creating the best genetic pool of the selected breeds kept.

Michael and Sue at Willowbank
Michael Willis and Sue Meager
Phone: (03) 318 1536
Mobile: (027) 273 8500
E-mail: mike@willowbank.co.nz
New Zealand
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